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Hello guys, its been a long time I didn't update my entries. Okay then, forget it. So now lets talk about my 20 facts. since everyone posted their "20 facts" in facebook, instagram etc. like seriously aku mok juak. haha.
  • September girl, was born on Malaysia Day (proud bcuz its a public holiday)
  • Forever fat
  • Adore Jhijab_Yasmin so much
  • Moved to KL last Dec. i always wanted to go back, if boleh every month D:
  • Loves aeroplanes so much as i once thought to be a pilot but dun hav cash sobsob
  • My alma mater was SMK AGAMA MIRI
  • I dont eat durian nor belacan nor cencaluk nor tempoyak nor SAYUR hmm :( sad to say but i cant stand those smells
  • I dont read books. In fact i HATE them. I hate to see how thick those books are. like seriously?
  • I learnt english from those subtitles in Malay dramas. unbelievable? YES.
  • Makeup lovers. But i rarely use them. hehe
  • Have an online shop, which is since 2011. Sweet Chills, named after an ice-cream kiosk in Times Square
  • I love shopping. i can stay in one mall from 10AM-10PM (SERIOUS TALK) but if only i have cash hmm
  • When i want something, by hook or by crook someone have to get em for me idc
  • Oh yea i wear braces since 5 Feb 2013 and still counting hmm
  • Took 3 years to fall in love with my current BF
  • A girl with few words, unless im comfortable with you. Shy in person, and i hate awkward situations.
  • I cant stand with rude ppl please
  • Will cry everytime i watch sad animals story even it just a cartoon
  • Jealous of ppl who are able to talk English fluently hmm
  • Always wanted to be a Syariah Lawyer. Amin.
  • When i was Form5 the called me donut as my smells like big apple haha ;O
  • I love shoes so much, i mean wedges, but i rarely use them kihkih
  • Cant stay apart with my parents.
  • I cant ride a bicycle
  • Youngest of 4
  • Bad spender
  • TBH i have crush on FF, ADI iskandar
  • Foods enthusiasist
  • Always wanted a surprise from someone.

K lah Bye
A M E Y 

Assalamualaikum. Its been a while. Sik update blog, one word, MALAS. Haritok 9/6. And yeah, congrates to my dearest bestfriends yang dapat sambung belajar. Aku? BELUM REZEKI :) Sabar jak aku mampu buat, and Tawakkal. Jangan sombong dengan Allah, berdoa selagik mampu. Kalau sikdapat Redha. Maybe perancangan Allah lebih bagus. And, suatu hari kau akan berterima kasih dengan Allah sebab sik makbulkan doa kau. Alhamdulillah, aku dapat matriks. But it wasnt my choice anyway. Kos sains, PST. Aku tolak. Yes, orang cakap senang baguslah apa. Tapi, I couldnt carry the subjects. Hmm. Aku berharap lalu aku tolak matriks tok satu pilihan yang betol, aku harap lalu2 dapat rayuan UPU. Tapi aku sikmok confident, takut frust. Pray for me okay? :')

Xoxo, Amey. ❤